Who is lexi?

Accidental Princess

The hottest beaches by day, the steamiest parties at night.
That's what I was expecting in Ibiza. 
But I got way more than I bargained for. 
A fake wedding with a red-hot Prince Charming turned me into a real princess.

Prince Andreas:
In Bellecoaste, no one becomes a royal by accident.
We’re expected to marry "well," which means one thing: boring. 
That's not me. 
I throw parties, I fall in lust for a night or two, and I make a game of everything -- even love.
Until I meet Freya—she’s different.
She’s got a smart mouth and a sizzling set of curves.
And when I taste her for the first time, I can't let her slip away
Even if our wedding was an accident,
I know I'm in trouble:
Because every cell in my body wants to make this fake marriage real. 

Accidental Princess is a steamy, sultry standalone romance, the first in the Hidden Kingdom Series. The series follows the royals of the Hidden Kingdoms and their journeys through love and heartache. Accidental Princess contains NO cliffhangers, ZERO cheaters, and lots of delightful dalliances on the sun-soaked beaches of Ibiza.

Lexi Whitlow writes about smart, sexy women and the bad boys who love them. They say opposites attract, and Lexi likes to explore that dynamic, whether she's writing about fighters, mafia soldiers, or hitmen. 

Lexi has authored eleven steamy romance novels, including her newest book, Muscle​.